Corona Virus Emergency

Pastor Joel recently sent us the following message after being forced by the government to close his schools:

Here things are worsening, no more buses, taxis and even boda boda allowed, only private cars with only 3 people that includes the driver. All shops are closed except markets selling food and prices are skyrocketing.  I am planning to drive to many homes taking food, especially to those who decided to accommodate our champions who didn't go back to their own families and even some believers who don't have food at all.  As you know for many here, if no work no food.  Our situation is dire...if ever there was a time that we need urgent help, this is that time.


Let us look up to God, and its a good time to share the Gospel when all the wisdom of man have come to an end and also lift our eyes to where our help come from and keep our antennas up as he is in control.


Love and blessings,

Pastor Joel Bukenya         (See "Update" tab for latest report on Corona Virus situation)

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