Urgent Needs

November 2017

We have just received the following message from our friend, Pastor Joel Bukenya:


Dear servant of God, hope this finds you doing well because Jesus is always on the throne and He reigns!  Am just writing this quick note letting you know about the dangerous sickness that has come in our country called Hepatitis B, which is killing people in our country and we have witnessed a number of them that died, and there is a campaign of immunization going on here in the country. We are so concerned with our champions (orphans); we have to act quickly and immunize all of them otherwise there will be a real problem.  Therefore, the purpose of this message is to ask you to stand with us as usual to overcome this challenge.  They have to get a series of three shots:  they get the first one and then after one month they get the second one and then the third one six months later.  The whole process costs $40.00 per child normally, but through our medical clinic it costs $20.00, times the 820 kids we have = $16,400 and dear friend any amount that can be contributed will save lives,. Thank you for praying and for any financial contribution.   Note: for any who are planning to visit Uganda, be sure to see your doctor and get immunized.

Thank you Joel and Sarah Bukenya 

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