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Corona Virus Update

June 6, 2021


Dear friend and donor,


First of all I just want to thank you for all the time you have helped us to be able to take care of the champions (Orphans) and overcome all challenges we have been facing.  Now the government has enforced another lockdown of 42 days beginning from today 7th of June due to the highest number of people tested co-vid 19 positive and this time it affects mostly the youths and younger kids, so we have to vacate the champions from school back to different homes of the believers.  Churches are also closed, private vehicles allowed to carry only 3 people that includes the driver.  We are not allowed to move from one district to another, markets and supper markets remain open, big and small trucks transporting goods and food stuff are allowed, no parties and public gatherings allowed.    


Now we are crying to God for provision and we need amount of $5250.00 to carry out this excise, this includes vacating all 522 kids we have at school (some classes were not yet allowed to come back), transporting food, to different homes and school lessons, etc.  Now friend this is another time we need help ASAP, please help us with any amount so that we can save our kids from danger.  We trust that God who has helped us overcome all previous challenges by using people like you shall do the same again and we want to thank you in advance and may the good Lord bless you.

Joel and Sarah Bukenya 

February 13, 2021,

We thank God for many of you who support us during the beginning of lockdown when we didn’t know how we were going to take care of the champions (orphans) in that time of epidemic.  But now, slowly by slowly, things are getting back to normal; at first they allowed seventh grade, eleventh grade and high school classes back to school.  The government ministry of education has just announced that sixth grade, tenth grade and high school class are allowed to start on 1st March and the rest of other grades will resume soon when the Covid-19 vaccination process begins. 


Buses and Vans (taxi) are allowed to operate with restricted number of passengers as well as shops and markets are opened again but following the standard operating procedure (SOP’s) though other business activities are still closed and not re-opened yet.  The good news is that we have harvested enough in our fields which will take us until June.


So the urgent, challenging need we are now facing is to put up three-roomed classes to keep social distance during the class session and 75 seating benches.  The three classroom shelter will cost $ 9900.00 and 75 seating benches costing $ 700.00.  We are praying and looking unto God who started the good work, HE will surely accomplish it.  Praying together we are making the difference and making champions for Christ.

Thank you and God bless all the works of your hands.

Joel and Sarah Bukenya 


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