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Sponsorship Program


In an effort to help Pastor Joel feed and care for the orphans, we have established a Child Sponsorship Program.  For only $30.00 a month (with a yearly commitment) you can sponsor a child.  What do you get for $30.00?


You have the opportunity to . . . 


- feed a child 3 meals a day, plus a mid-morning snack.  On Sundays, they get a special treat.


- provide the child with a good education.  The teachers are all university trained and government certified.


- provide the child a safe place to live.The Orphanage/Academy is located in the countryside—20 miles from downtown Kampala.


- provide the child with a daily health screening.  The children are monitored daily to ensure their good health and well-being.


- provide the child with a future.  A vocation will be taught to the child at the secondary level to prepare them to enter the work force.



When you sponsor a child, you will receive a packet of information including a biography page with picture of the child you chose to sponsor.  We have over 300 children that need to be sponsored.   See Photo tab for a sample of Children to Sponsor


If you would like to sponsor a child, please go to our Contact page and let us know.



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