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Pastor Joel Bukenya



Pastor Joel and Sarah Bukenya are founders of the Blessed Hope Champions Academy. Pastor Joel is Senior Pastor of All Nations Evangelical Ministries in Kampala, Uganda. They have three daughters and have adopted eight other children. They live in Kikaaya, a suburb of Kampala.


Pastor Joel presents a weekly radio program focused on married couples where he stresses faithfulness in marriage. He is a sought out conference speaker in East Africa and the USA. He conducts teen retreats where he promotes “No Sex Before Marriage.”


Pastor Joel reaches out to the victims of war-torn Northern Uganda:  several students at the Orphange are from Gulu, a refugee camp in Northern Uganda.


Pastor Joel is a spiritual leader in Uganda, serving on the 24 member Council of Elders that oversees 45,000 independent congregations of born-again believers.


Blessed Hope Champions Academy is an outreach of Pastor Joel’s home church, located in Ndeeba, Uganda. The church members are actively involved with the Academy. Once a month, they go to the Academy to visit and encourage the children.


A Board of Directors, consisting of seven members who are local citizens, is very much involved with the care, upkeep, and finances of the Academy. They meet once a month to discuss any problems that may arise and to discuss future needs of the Academy.

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