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Life at the Academy


There are presently over 300 children living at the orphanage. Twenty-five of these children are war victims from Northern Uganda. The remaining are victims of the AIDS epidemic, having lost one or both parents to the disease.  The children begin their day at 6 AM. They prepare for breakfast, which consists of eggs and coffee. They have their morning devotions at the Prayer Garden.


Classes begin at 8 AM. Presently, there are seven grades— primary 1-7.  There are several  teachers at the Academy who are government certified and university trained. There is a head master who oversees the children and the teachers. The teachers have a great love for the children and encourage them not only in their schoolwork, but also in their daily lives. Even though this Academy receives no government funding, the government has strict regulations to their classwork and living conditions and monitors them on a regular basis.


The children are fed a mid-morning snack about 10:30 AM. It is usually a cornmeal mash. For lunch and dinner, the children get a hot meal. They usually have two or three of the following for their meals: beans, rice, matooke, sweet potatoes, and casava. On the weekends, they get meat with their meals and on Sundays they get a special treat.  They attend classes until 4 PM. Afterwards, the children enjoy free time—playing on playground equipment or on the newly completed soccer field.  Some of the children have chores that need to be done. They each spend some time helping in the kitchen or on the grounds on a weekly basis.


On the weekends, the children are responsible for doing their own laundry. They are also responsible for making their beds and keeping their area clean. Each child has a trunk in which to keep their clothes and personal items.  In the evenings, the children have their devotions at the Prayer Garden and then prepare for bed. Bedtime is normally 8 PM.  Church is held each Sunday at the orphanage. Services are held at the Prayer Garden  (a beautiful and peaceful place to worship) or or in a newly completed church building on the grounds. The children enjoy lively music that is part of their style of worship.


The children are happy, healthy, and love living at the orphanage. They receive lots of love, attention, and are cared for very well.

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