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There are currently twenty-two  teachers and staff at the Academy, all teachers are university trained and government certified.  Additional students attend a near-by secondary school.


Pastor Joel Bukenya of Uganda, Africa is founder of this organization.  An indigenous Board of Directors oversees the operation of the orphanage.


Blessed Hope Champions Academy is a private institution and is funded by contributions from individuals and churches.  It receives no funding from the Ugandan government.



Blessed Hope Champions Academy is located in Bulamu, 20 miles outside the capital city of Kampala, Uganda in East Africa.  “Bulamu” in English is translated “life” and that is what this academy/orphanage strives to provide.  Residents are called "champions" to instill hope.


Over 500 children live at the orphanage while another 400+ attend preschool/kindergarten in Ndeeba, a suburb of Kampala or Primary Schools at Buwanda and Jomba, remote villages far away from Kampala.  Many of these will move to the orphanage when they are six or seven years old. Classes range from primary grades 1-7.


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