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After an earthquake collapsed the hand-dug well at the Champions Home, a new initiative was launched to provide a drilled well with steel liner installed.  A drilled well with liner is nearly $10,000.  Funds have been donated for wells at Bulamu and Jomba, but a drilled well is needed at Buwanda.  When a drilled well is added at one of our schools, it becomes a blessing to surrounding communities as they are permitted to use the well too.


​Jomba is a small village in a remote section of Uganda with no access to education for its children. In January 2017 a temporary structure was erected and classes began with over 60 students enrolled for K-2! A permanent building was added in 2019, but both buildings are quite full as the school grows.  We now need to replace the temporary structure with a larger permanent building. Help us if you can.


​In the fall of 2016, work began on a new building at Bulamu to house a Learning Center for the substantial deaf community in Uganda.  This new initiative will further accomplish the mission of Blessed Hope Foundation to help orphans and disabled children.


To better manage food costs and provide vocational training, several food crops are raised on land near the Academy. At present, the children are growing sweet potatoes, casava (a root vegetable),  passion fruit, and matooke (green bananas). The children learn how to plant, care for, and harvest crops, which they can then enjoy in their daily meals.

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