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New Hope Mission

2020 Year-end Report



Dear Friends and Partners in the Ministry,

Greetings in Jesus name and Happy New Year.

We want to thank you for standing with us in prayer and support last year.  2020 was not an easy year with Covid-19.  But thank God we were able to cross over to 2021.

As you know, all things were shut down, but God was in control.  Though the school closed, we had to give some supply of food to the students in their relative’s homes where they went and we had to pay the teachers and give them some food for those months.

It was challenging. We really thank you, our sponsors; otherwise, it would be difficult for these kids to get food. May God continue to bless you.  You really stood with us in a hard time.

We continue praying for you . . . for God to bless you in abundance.

God bless you.


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