2018 End-of-Year Update from Pastor Vicent


Dear Friends and Partners,

We thank God for enabling us to finish the year. Thanks for your prayers and support.

I want to first take this opportunity and thank you for praying and supporting us, in this campaign of creating another chance for the helpless (orphans) to see their future. Remember “Our God is a God of another chance”.Together with you, God is enabling us to make a difference and changing the cycle of our country for better future citizens. May our Loving God the father of a loving son Jesus Christ multiply your blessings and may that fourth person that stood with shadrach, mishach and Abednego in the flames of fire stand with you in everything. ”Dan.3:24-25”

This year we increased the number of orphans that are being helped both in lower levels and high school with a big number of graduates both in tertiary institutions and universities.

Food: we have three meals a day and a special diet on weekends. This has kept our kids in a good health condition.


Health: We thank God who has enabled us to go through the year without reporting any serious medical case in our kids. We only had few cases of students that got minor injuries during sports plus a few kids that fell sick with malaria and they all got treatment.


Academics:  The performance in all classes was good; thank God for the professional teachers we have. They have done their work well and twelfth grade just finished with their final national exams and are waiting for their results to come back in a month. We believe we are going to be among the best in the district. Some of our kids are in boarding while others are day schooling; we are awaiting and expecting good results. For those in high schools and universities, they passed well too and those who completed their courses are just waiting for their graduation day as well as graduation parties and ceremonies:


  • Joshua Agaba is in the second year in the university

  • Sam mwanje completed his diploma and graduated as an electrical engineer.

  • Scovia Nahwera graduated her certificate in Fashion and Designing.

Many others are on their way to finalizing their academic careers.



  • Because of your help, we were able to pay teachers salary arrears.

  • Students were taken to various study tours

  • Students participated in the inter-school football competitions.

  • Scholastic materials, etc.



  1. Six classroom Windows.

  2. Teachers support.

  3. A medical clinic is needed from where our students can be treated.

  4. More computers for students to use while in computer practical lessons.

  5. Fencing the school.

  6. A church building at kalwanga

  7. A fully equipped computer laboratory.


May the Lord bless you and have a fruitful blessed 2019, abundance and prosperity both spiritually and physically.



​God bless you & Best Regards,

Vicent Kashaija

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