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The year 2023 was full of challenges but thank God who made us through successfully



First of all the Good News we have is that all the champions are alive though some of them got challenges of serious sickness but our medical staff always acted quickly and made sure everybody get healed and get back to class.


Only few of them who didn’t made it to next grades but the rest performed well and promoted to next grades/classes. This amazing performance is accredited to our teachings staff from Kindergarten to High school and did what we expect of them all the year round. So we were Champions both in Academics and

Sports as well.  It’s our prayer that the champions who are joining collage get sponsors so that they achieve their goals.


We thank God that our kids were fed three meals a day and we thank to whoever supported us to get over that challenge as well.


 High school dining hall made a very big difference

 The Construction of parameter wall is a big deal and still in progress, now fencing all the school premises … to God be the Glory

 a medical scan and is of great help meeting challenges in medical field


The chicken farm is growing rapidly and we expecting eggs soon for champions balance diet.  Milk from our cows make breakfast better

Next week we are beginning harvest of corn and we are expecting not less than 40 tons (all most 90,000 pounds)  

We bless the Lord for tractor (john deer 1575) the machine has done a great deal.  

A new three roomed classroom block at Buwanda and one classroom block at Jomba is also a great achievements

We also hosted missionaries who evangelized and donated bibles and bicycles to needy pastor 

Graduates from the tailoring program where each received a sowing machine to boost them

Electrical installation project is in progress and great initiative for the champions

Over 20 widows received a Christmas packages and other mercy of help ministries to communities


 20 acres of land for growing more food

 Some funds for scholastic materials

 School uniforms and shoes

 Teachers’ salaries

Wishing you God’s blessings in the year 2024



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