First and foremost we thank God for what HE has done during this COVID-19 epidemic, we really thank all the Well-wishers, Donors and Supporters for your continuous support both prayerfully and financially. Standing with us always in good and bad time without excuse means a lot to us and we always pray and fasting so that God may continually met all your needs according to his heavenly treasures. (Phi 4:19)


Now it coming to almost 4 month ever since the COVID-19 Lock down; Schools and Churches plus some working places are close till to date. Champions where sheltered and accommodated in different households so as that are catered both in terms of food and obtaining educational study materials as well.  This tripled our spending budget than before since it involved buying and distributing food to various homes where champions are allocated. Printing and photocopying study materials is extremely costly than before constraining our budget but with your generous support, our shoulders has been relieved.


Since this is not one man’s work but instead combination of various efforts, vote of thank goes to all my co-workers, teachers and well-wishers for their tireless enthusiasm during epidemic seasons, teachers have travelled long distance couching and distributing study martials among the champions. My co-workers have always Purchase and distribute food amidst the various households where champions are accommodated .yes it’s challenging task but awesome and fulfilling work, To God be the Glory!



Our God works differently, amazingly and abundantly, through your support, the following have been achieved


1 – Construction of 3 restrooms (Not Pit latrine) with aseptic tank to be emptied and re-used again and again ……

2- Construction of 4 roomed teacher’s quota {house}

3 – Renovation of dometry Building which where in bad shapes before

4- Fencing of Primary School’s property (Jomba compass)

5- Fencing of Secondary School Property (Blessed Hope High School compass)

6- A New secondary Block which is under construction remained with Roofing and doors plus windows

7- Food distribution among the champions every after 3 to 4 days

8- Planting of 3 hectors of sweet potatoes, vegetable and different cereal crops

9- Purchase of Bicycles and motorcycle.     




We expect schools to re-open again in a month or two. But the re-opening is attached with many restriction and guideline from Healthy entities as a way of preventing the spending of the virus among the champions most especially through social distancing from one another  

  We request friends stand with us in prayer as we believing God for;

  1. More furniture in form of desks  ( we need 400 desks each cost $ 30.00)

  2. Treated Mosquito nets ( for 800 champions each Mosquito net cost $ 5.00)

  3. Completion  of a secondary block which requires $ 5000.00

  4. Construction of classroom block at Jomba Campus costing $ 8500.00

This is how donations contributed spent

  1. Each restroom cost $ 5000.00 and 3 restroom

  2. Fencing school’s property $ 2300.00

  3. Construction projects (Renovation of dometry buildings, New secondary Block, Teachers Quotas{houses} totaled     $ 5000.00

  4. Educational study Material $ 3200.00


We just say Ebenezer, that God has brought us this far. Remember champions are made not born; together we are making champions the future leaders of our country for HIS glory. I strongly believe that together we shall reap without faint or weary 


Love and blessing

Joel and Sarah Bukenya



Pastor Joel's End-of-Year Report - 2019

17 Not because l desire a gift: but l desire fruit that may abound to your account. 18 But l have all, and abound: l am full, having received of Epaphroditus the things which were sent from you, an adour of a sweet smell, a Sacrifice acceptable, well-pleasing to God. 19 But my God shall supply all your need according to his Riches in glory by Christ Jesus; – (Philippians 4:17-19)

First and foremost l would like to thank you for praying, supporting and standing with us with no excuses in this campaign of creating an opportunity for the Champions (Orphans) to see their Future, remember “Champions are not Born but are Made”. Together with you, God is enabling us to make a difference and changing the circle of our country for better future citizens. May God our Loving Father and Father to fatherless and protector to the widows - (Psalms 68:5---) bless you amazingly  


2019 year’s enrollment was over 800 Champions operating on four different Location/ Campus, Bulamu, Buwanda, Ndeeba and Jomba and others are in boarding school most especially  those in Secondary section and  universities.


Despite of a few case of illness among the champions like various Fevers, coldness and cough as result of constant rainfall, we didn’t had severe sickness and those who were the victims, Dr. Paul and nurses have been always work hard to cub these encumbrances down… Praise GOD that all the Champions received Hepatics B Vaccine. Thanks goes to very one who generously contributed to this noble cause..

Having a 4wheel drive John dare tractor, this year we have harvested abundance of several food crops for our champions so champions been enjoying three meals a day and special deity on weekends. So this has kept our kids in good health conditions, we thank God

Academically the champions performance in all classes was great. We thank God for the teachers who have always worked tirelessly to see that champions perform at their best, they did their work well and grade seven did too their final national exams and  anticipating better grades in a month or two. For those did their national final exams in Secondary levels (11th grade), we expecting good results too and we are in preparations to celebrate with champions who completed their university courses in different sphere of professionals like education, electricity installation, salon, fashions  and design


Two more churches were planted and two semi-permanent church structures were constructed.. Conference, seminars of various fields of life plus gospel events were conducted across the country and many people/souls were won to Christ. We thank God for the recent prayer conference where several church braches together with different independent churches in vicinity were hosted; powerful word, preaching, prayers, ministerial tools and teachings enhanced the body of Christ country wide.


May God be the Glory; here are other achievements in the year 2019:

  • Twenty acres  of land

  • A new van

  • A Kitchen building , a latrine and bore well ( Buwanda Campus)

  • A maternity clinic building but still under construction but almost completed

  • Pair of  school shoes for every champion, uniforms and casual wear

  • A clinic building was officially opened up at Buwanda

  • A sowing class is now in progress

  • Medical tools/apparatus and medicine donations

  • Scholastic materials etc

  • Group of friends and visitor from in and outside the country visiting champions as well as ministering in different aspects of ministries country wide



  • A classroom building for 8th – 11th grade

  • Secondary teachers support (Sponsorship for secondary teachers) .

  • 20 more acres of Land for cultivation purposes

  • A medium school bus of 38 seat

  • Planting more 2 churches

  • Two motor circles for pastors.


May the Lord bless you and may you have a fruitful 2020 year of blessings, success, abundance and prosperity both spiritually and physically


Joel and Sarah Bukenya

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