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We truly thank God for the great success achieved amidst challenges and obstacles.


We started year 2022 when the lock down had just been lifted and didn’t have enough food for the champions but through your tremendous support we survived until recovery of our field growing food crops. Furthermore, another COVID Upsurge kicked in again in the country though this time we were not locked down as it was before, then Ebola epidemic in August came in and some districts were under lockdown till Christmas holidays in December. But in all we thank God that in the midst of all these chaos, no death or serious illness harmed us even to champions…to God be the glory!!!!....




All our champions were able to sit their national exams especially the 7th,11th and 13th grade and we are expecting their results in 2 weeks’ time period and very sure that all will pass well.


Two of champions dormitories were built and serving the needful purposes


A huge dining hall which caters to high school champions was constructed.


Our school was 2nd in sport and drummer interschool tournament


Our medical Clinic served greatly both the champions and neighborhood communities as well


Increment /expansion of animal husbandry and poultry,


The school land was half way fenced Anew school vehicle was purchased


A computer laboratory was installed and champions are now enjoying learning


Hundreds of bibles were purchased and distributed among the champions


A number of mosquito nets were donated and now at least every champion is having a mosquito net


About 14 acres of Land were purchased


Champions Christmas party was so amazing and everyone has a story to tell



Pastor David Harvason from Texas visited us as well as Pastor Tim and Terri his wife plus Pr. Michael from West Virginia visited the champions and they were such a big blessings ..may God bless your hearts…


Indeed we are over whelmed for the achievement and provision God provided, what a mighty God we serve!!! ..God is good.




Installment of science apparatus and equipment in science laboratory $ 2700.00

Fencing the remaining part of school land $ 2500.00

Scholastic material $ 1800.00

Weekend special food/ meal $ 1000.00

Growing more food to our land $ 1800.00

Uniforms for the new champions $ 1500.00

Mattress and beddings $ 1800.00


Please join us in prayers and hear from God and May God richly bless you in advance.


Joel and Sarah Bukenya


List of Current Needs from Pastor Joel

August 2022

Urgent Needs:

  1. $6000  Emg food re-supply for 3 mo. for 903 orphans due to COVID issues

  2. $2000/month, Teachers – 4 Middle School, 2 High School

  3. $7000 Shoes, 350 pair @ $20 per pair

  4. $2000 Medical Supplies for 2 clinics

  5. $7000 Bed frames and Mattress, 70 @ $100 each

  6. $2000 Electrical Training Tools

  7. $25,000 Used mini-bus, 28 passengers 

  8. $6200 Land – 5 acres

  9. $6000 Well for campus at Ndeeba

  10. $5500 Fence around School at Bulamu

  11. $800/month, for support of 18 widows

  12. $2500 to buy materials for a house for two widows (we provide labor)

  13. $2250 for 150 bibles

  14. $3000 Sewing Machines, 30 machines @ $100 each


Wish List:

  1. $50,000 Commercial Building, First Floor ($1000/mo. rental when compl.)

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