List of Current Needs from Pastor Joel

August 2022

Urgent Needs:

  1. $6000  Emg food re-supply for 3 mo. for 903 orphans due to COVID issues

  2. $2000/month, Teachers – 4 Middle School, 2 High School

  3. $7000 Shoes, 350 pair @ $20 per pair

  4. $2000 Medical Supplies for 2 clinics

  5. $7000 Bed frames and Mattress, 70 @ $100 each

  6. $2000 Electrical Training Tools

  7. $25,000 Used mini-bus, 28 passengers 

  8. $6200 Land – 5 acres

  9. $6000 Well for campus at Ndeeba

  10. $5500 Fence around School at Bulamu

  11. $800/month, for support of 18 widows

  12. $2500 to buy materials for a house for two widows (we provide labor)

  13. $2250 for 150 bibles

  14. $3000 Sewing Machines, 30 machines @ $100 each


Wish List:

  1. $50,000 Commercial Building, First Floor ($1000/mo. rental when compl.)





These years, 2020 - 2021, will always be remembered as a period of calamity of the worse epidemic covid-19 that shaken all the foundations and systems of the world.

Here at blessed Hope champions Home and Academy, the Lock down caught us by surprise and were given only two days for all the champions to vacate the place but two day before, we were led by God to pray laying our hands to every champion , it’s only God who know all the secrete. In those two days we managed to get families who were ready and willing to accommodate the champions. We had to go into a debt to take them in different family homes as well as feeding them there plus meting other necessary needs. It was really tough situation and it was beyond our control but we serving almighty who puts the way where seems to be no way.


On the behalf of school’s management, we want to thank many of you whom God used to react towards the challenge and supported us prayerfully and financially to overcome the terrible challenge. It took a team work and everyone here worked as a horse and mount like angel. We had to have meeting every other day and always come out with solution. So it was God that gave us constrictive ideas and strength to encounter the several challanges.


We had to move once or twice a week to reach out the champions with food supplies and educational materials until the end of the first wave. We planned again and we brought champions back to school and however second wave raised up yet we had just brought almost half of them. We had to work hard to take them back and that was another second big challenge which required a big amount of money but again God used many of you to contribute towards the required amount of money to solve the problems.


It’s now a one month and a few days since the lockdown was lifted up and all the champions are back to their respective peaceful home and schools. What a joy to see all of them alive and able to see their fellow friends and good news none died!!!... Praise the Lord.


The urgent present needs and challenges:


1- Teachers’ salaries increment as result of long Lockdown forcing most of teachers to quite the teaching professional and engaged in other business which has created a demand for teachers, to both government schools and private school, now we need $ 3000.00 to cater for 14 teachers for the elementary section and 19 teachers for high school every month which is the most urgent


2- We need to put up two other dometry buildings because of the social distance now required by the government and each dometry building costs $ 12000 plus other commodities e.g uniforms, beddings etc.


The good news is that we have all the food we need for the next coming fourth month, as photo attached. We just harvested 9000 kilograms of corn and we have 6000 more in our bins plus beans We also raised 750 chicken in our farm glory to God…. Our tractor John Deer is doing a great Job.


Our medical team is also doing an incredible work. The district leader upgraded it to healthy center three and now serves greatly the champions plus all surrounding villages. The high school students are also being trained in some skills e.g electrical installation and bakery every Friday plus sports and music.


We want to thank all of you for your continued generosity support as well as creating an opportunity for the orphans (champions) to see their future. May the good Lord bless each one of you abundantly … Yes, we have come this far because you; truly you mean a lot to us… anxiously we can’t wait seeing you coming to visit us since there is no restriction for the travellers                                                 


Joel and Sarah Bukenya